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Magic Flight Accessories

Magic Flight Accessories

With stylish wooden design and great performance, Magic Flight launch box successfully establish unique footprint on the vape market. What comes through your mind when you think about Magic Flight is their specially designed electric wooden vaporizer. That’s true and that how they known in the market as a leading vaporizer brand since long ages.

Just like any other vape, Magic flight also need serval replacement parts over time due to differentiated reasons such as clogging over time, breaking and misplacement. On the other side, you may need serval accessories to customize your vaping experience with Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. Namaste Canada is committed to deliver best vaping experience to our aspiring customers and value their investment in Magic Flight. Browse through our complete collection of magic flight accessories and replacement pats design to cater the needs of Magic Flight Lovers. Here is a list of accessories that we currently have for Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer: Adapter Grinder, Screens, Battery, Water Tool, Stem, Ring, ABV container, Whip, Concentrate Tray, Battery Caps, and Filters

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