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Sales: 6AM - 5PM EST
Monday - Friday

Tel: 1-800-892-3695

Sales: 6AM - 5PM EST | Monday - Friday

Sales: 6AM - 5PM EST
Monday - Friday


The Palm vaporizer is made by VaporBlunt, Inc., USA and was introduced in the market back in 2012.  VaporBlunt, Inc. is a company out of California, USA.  This company always keeps in mind that they have one chance to impress the consumer, therefore they strive to be the best starting from the design of the product to how it functions, plus the customer service given to all, and of course the price of their product. 

This ultra portable vaporizer is always reliable and best thing of all, it is very easy to use and easy to maintain.  The name the Palm comes from the device being so small and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  It is very light weight as well, with the battery inserted it’s only 2.4 ounces.  In other words, the Palm is a product that has portability, convenience, and style all in one. 

The Palm is a dry herb vaporizer available in Canada.  It does exactly what it needs to do when you need it and it is known to never burn your herbs.  Another good feature is that it is a weather proof vape therefore it will work in the windiest conditions and it´s perfect for the people that enjoy to vape outdoors.  This vape is ideal for you.  It has a rechargeable nickel-metal battery that is long lasting so you can vape for a long time before needing to recharge.  Using other batteries is not suggested.  It is very simple to activate, you press and hold the battery, it will show a green that indicate the Palm vape is heating up the herbs.  The heating time is very short only 5 – 10 seconds.  It is made of a durable polycarbonate outer shell and it’s equipped with a ceramic heating chamber made of steel rods that enables the rapid heating process.  There are no temperature controls to adjust, it is just regulated by the draw rate and time of the fully charged battery.  A slow draw will give you a thick vapor and while pulling too hard will give you a thinner vapor.  As far as discreetness is concerned, it’s small enough to hold in one hand while in use and it fits inside a pocket when not in use, but sometimes with it heating up it can tend to have some odor. 

Now to get the best performance out of your vaporizer make sure the herbs are finely grinded before packing them in the vape (try not to pack the herbs down so much).  The heating chamber is fitted with a steel mesh filter.  The Palm vape can also be used with oils and waxes with the use of an extra attachment.  It uses an all glass air pathway that has removable screens which are easy to remove and clean.  With it’s all glass air path feature you are sure to get the cleanest and one of the best tasting vapors possible. 

How to use the Palm:

It is very simple and straightforward.  After loading the material blend, simply replace the lid and insert one of the full charged batteries.  You press and hold the battery in until you see some vapor with the lid closed.  Then you release some pressure and then just pulsate by pressing and releasing the battery through the vaporizing process.  A glowing light will be your sign that the unit is heating up.  Then you can start inhaling slowly and steady.  It seems a little complicated, but it’s quite simple.  After using their own in house testing, they highly recommend the pulse method to get the vest vape experience over an extended period of time.  You will experience a great a smoothly vape session available in Canada.

Normally these vaporizers do not look like pipes at all, but the Palm vape has a pipe shape similar to a tobacco pipe like what your grandfather might have used, but nothing like a hardwood color at all.  This vape available in Canada also comes in a variety of colors: black, red, blue, green, pink, yellow, gray (or silver), and white.  One other interesting feature is that it comes with flavored mouth piece tips.  It’s a really cool idea for some people and you have the option to get different flavors.  Others will still choose the standard non-flavored style.  Some of the flavors are:  mint, lemon, raspberry, orange and grape.  These tips are made from a flavored infused plastic that is approved by the FDA.  With these vapes, you get a modern feeling of funky and fashionable especially for our younger vapers.  If you like the look of the Palm vape, we definitely recommend it. 

The kit will include an extra battery, an extra mesh filter, extra glass tube a standard mouthpiece, and a flavored mouth piece.  Also, the battery charger, a cleaning brush, and an instruction manual.  The Palm vaporizer is recommended as a starter device, it is affordable and will also make a great gift for someone who is wanting to quit real smoking and go with the smoke free alternative.

As previously mentioned above the Palm vape is easy to take care of, easy maintenance.  Be sure to brush off the trench (the herb chamber) really good between the space of the screen and the retainer that holds the screen down.  A cleaning brush is included in your kit.  Some of the material can build up in that area.  This vape can last for a long time if kept clean, even though it’s been called a disposable vaporizer on some reviews.

VaporBlunt Inc., has also released some parts for the Palm vaporizer available in Canada.  Customers can purchase parts and accessories as needed for the on the go vape sessions.

The Palm vaporizer is covered by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer for normal use only, while the batteries are only covered by a three month warranty.  If your device arrives and is defective, the company will replace it free of charge.  You must contact them within seven days of the receipt of your order. 

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