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Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have created massive waves within the community, completely revolutionizing the way people enjoy a session. While people were previously bound to staying indoors with bongs or spending extra money on papers, portable vaporizers now allow you to have a session on the go with minimal effort!

Right here at NamasteVapes, we have some of the top portable vaporizers in the world, as well as an array of accessories to help you make your new vape your own. Portable vapes are the future, and with new innovations constantly changing the way we think about vaping, you'll be sure to find a vape to match your lifestyle to perfection.

About Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers - Battery or Butane?

Battery or Butane?

In terms of powering your vape, you have two main options. Butane is best for people who prefer individual hits rather than serious sessions, and it is often cheaper and heats up quicker. However, the butane needs replacing from time to time, and can often require more technique to use. This being said, it is still ideal if you want to unwind with a few hits rather than a whole bowl.

On the other hand, battery is best if you like to be outdoors or with friends. With a simple charging port, getting a battery-powered vape ready to go is as easy as charging your phone! Overwhelmingly, the battery is the way in which most vaporizers are powered. Battery technology is improving and now it is possible to get a strong battery that can heat a vape in under 15 seconds.

Putting Pens Over Papers

Pen vaporizers are the way to go if you prefer using waxes or essential oils. More commonly used for concentrates than dry herb, pen vaporizers are easy to work if you are someone who has used an e-cig or similar before. Simply drop your substance inside and watch as they turn into smooth vapor via a heating coil powered by a rechargeable or replaceable battery. Taking the appearance of an e-cig, vapers can enjoy their pen vaporizers with ease and discretion.

Pen vaporizers are a subset of portable vaporizers that tend to long, but also incredibly skinny (hence, pen vapes). These are great and are really just a different mode for transporting around your vape. They slip effortlessly into pockets and bags that other portable vaporizers just couldn't. They don't usually have a lot of crazy functions and temperature settings, but if size is what you're worried about, you can't get much more portable than a pen vaporizer.

Portable Vaporizers - Putting Pens Over Papers
Portable Vaporizers - The Best Vaporizers in Canada

The Best Vaporizers in Canada

NamasteVapes are specialists in portable vaporizers. Over the years, we've formed close partnerships with the best vaporizer brands from around the world and now we're confident in saying we have the best portable vaporizers in Canada, all available from one single location at fantastic prices.

We're strong believers that every consumer should be able to get themselves an amazing vaporizer, so we not only ensure our range offers the best vaporizers to cover every situation, but also every price range too. Everyone who is into a herbal life should have access to vaping. It's good for pain relief and mental health and vaping allows flower to be a lot safer on the lungs as well. We don't think you should be deprived the best of dry herb, which is why we aim to bring you the best vaporizers around. Be sure to browse our collections below!

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