Puffco Pro 2 Canada
Puffco Pro 2 Canada
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Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Canada
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Puffco Pro 2 Vape Canada
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Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer
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    The VGrinder 2-Part
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Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Pen - Now Available in Canada 

Puffco has released their new Vape Pen for wax: the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Pen. This is the successor to the ultra-popular Vape Pen from Puffco, the original Pro Vape Pen. The Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen is a stark improvement upon its predecessor and there are new features to explore and take advantage of. The Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen is a smaller model, it is also created out of more robust and durable materials and also has an improved atomizer.  

Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen Canada - Heating and Temperature

As far as efficiency goes when it comes to Vaporizer Pens, the Puffco Pro 2 is really up there with the best of them. Seeing as vaping settings change for each user, it's hard to establish how much battery time you can get out of the Puffco Pro 2. Roughly, you will be able to get between 50-70 puffs on the Low heating setting (This will change as you change heating settings/amount of concentrated materials used).

The Vapor quality produced with the Puffco Pro 2 Vape is definitely above average. The Puffco Pro 2 is on par, if not better than the majority of other Vape Pens currently on the market. The vapor produced is some of the best you are like to see a concentrate Vape Pen and it is a super clean and full of taste vapor. The Vapor is also smooth, pure and users have no trouble in producing clouds via small or long draws on this Vape Pen. 

Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen Canada - Design:

Puffco claims that the Pro 2 Vape Pen is their smallest vaporizer yet and has been referred to as the "sleekest" and "most subtle" vape pen currently on the market. This is a fantastic piece if discreetness is one of the main factors behind your purchasing decision for getting a vape pen. The Puffco Pro 2 is also a very durable and robust Vape Pen despite its size. One of the biggest changes to this model over its predecessor is the inclusion of a significantly larger ceramic chamber. The Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen has the ability to house a large amount of concentrates- away from any plastics, fibers, glues or any other potential toxin. There is also a coil based system introduced with this Vape Pen which makes use of a ceramic blend which aids in the enhanced production of vapor. The Puffco Pro 2 also utilizes a tapered bowl design which helps to minimize waste materials and also makes maintaining your vape pen much, much easier. 

Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen Canada - Features:

The Puffco Pro 2 Vape Pen is a significant upgrade on the original and is a Vape that has a lot to offer to anyone, regardless of their previous vaping experience. The Puffco Pro 2 is built from stainless steel which makes it a much more durable Vaporizer Pen and also helps in the style and design of the Pen. 

In comparison to other Vape Pens on the market, the Puffco Pro 2's battery is slightly smaller. However, it makes up for this with a much-improved heating system - this is made up of three different heating settings i.e. when the LED light indicator is at Green then this indicates the low heating setting has been achieved. Blue, therefore, indicates Medium and in the same vein, Red shows you are vaping on High-temperature setting. Cycling through these settings is super easy, just click the power button 4 times to move to the next heating stage. 

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