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Beautiful. Phenomenal. Pleasant. The expertly crafted Vapman Classic Vaporizer is one of the finest non-battery vapes on sale and since its first launch it became the favourite for vape lovers.  It’s a complete piece of art. Its minimalistic design boasts its pronounced wooden curves. A perfect and unique finish, it comes in two distinctive models: Classic and Pure.

The responsible for this object d’art is Rene Balli, who in 2005 created the most popular portable vaporizer ever. One could imagine that hands of expert Japanese monks were responsible for this impeccable artifact, but the wisdom and experience in objects of such small size but great performance demonstrate the quality and excellence of a product made in Bienne, Switzerland. No need to mention that Swiss are the creators of the finest watches such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Swiss Army, Swatch, among many others. We know that most of the vaporizer market is manufactured in China, and this does not imply that its products are poor quality, in fact, they are the pioneers among the botanical and technological arts. But throughout history, the greatest luxury brands have contributed to the famous tag "made in Switzerland" become an added value, evoking prestige and an excellent balance between crafts and technology.

It is perfectly manipulable. The fact that the Vapman is made of pear-tree wood treated with a natural oil, makes it an eco-friendly product. The heating pan is made of gold-plated copper. Copper is the ideal material because it is an excellent conductor of heat. These materials were chosen to ensure a vaporizing experience at the highest level.   Its quality is reflected largely in the expired steam. Customers claims that is about how effective the vapor is rather than how thick the cloud is. And the Vapman does a really excellent performance. This original Vapman vaporizer is easy to refill and clean, and is absolutely elegant! All you need is a torch lighter and something to vaporize. Possibly the best Swiss invention since the famous Swiss Army knife. No need of batteries nor wires, forget about buttons and lights. No electricity required. With the Vapman, people can see loading being a factor until loading becomes easy.

Vaporizing with the Vapman means a healthy steam administration where the dried herbs are heated to the desired temperature to provide a perfect dose and administration of plant matter or "phyto". Phyto-inhalation does not produce smoke, therefore, the vapors contain no harmful substances but only natural agents. It is gentle on the lungs and highly satisfying, because the steam containing them are mixed with cool, fresh air.

The Vapman vaporizer is housed in an air tight egg-shaped hard case which is easy to open and close. In addition to the vaporizer, it also contains a funnel to help the filling of material inside the chamber plus a torch lighter for a proper use.

It worth every penny. Get your Vapman vaporizer in NamasteVapes for the best price! Chat with us and we will recommend you the model that best suits you.

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