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Best Vaporizers by Price

The price of a vaporizer varies depending on build quality, brand, heat time, chamber material, battery life, cloud quality, and flavor. The choice of vape comes down to personal preference. At Namaste Vapes, we have come up with the best vaporizers in four price ranges, meaning that no matter what your budget is we're sure to have a vaporizer for you.


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Best Vapes Under $150


There were a number of decent quality contenders for best Vapes under $150 - here are our picks! The Hypnos Zero boasts an impressive ceramic interior, perfect for extracts and giving you a smooth flavor. The PUFFiT 2 is incredibly discrete, appearing as an inhaler rather than your traditional vaporizer! And finally the Bubble Bud Herbal Vape, a beautiful piece from EDIT. This device is perfect for on-the-go vapers, and a great addition to any collection!


Best Vapes Under $200

The top contender was the innovative and unique StickyBrick Vaporizer, clean and natural vape that is popular across the world. This is a beautiful piece made of Californian wood, making it a stylish addition to any collection. A butane torch within makes this one stand out from the rest of this list, alongside its striking appearance. For a desktop, you will find it hard to beat the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer for quality and value for money. Many desktop vaporizers can price far above $500 so finding a great one under $200 is a steal! Rounding off the top 3 is the Boundless brand which is winning fans everywhere, we mention both the CF and the CFX in this list because both have stolen our hearts! The CF heats up very quickly and uses pure hybrid technology, both conduction and convection, to heat your dry herb. All these are very different but equally high quality, making them premium buys at budget prices.


Best Vapes Under $250

The PAX 2 is still arguably one of the finest portable vaporizers on the planet despite the Pax 3 stealing its limelight, however, you will be doing well to find a better Portable Vape for a better price! The Pax 3 comes with a matte smooth exterior and a proven track record for creating happy customers! Also included here is the Apollo Airvape which is gaining influence in the market, thanks to a solid outer shell and an advanced interior. With a digital screen to help your session along and a variety of colors, this is a great option for beginner vapers! And again we see the ever impressive Boundless back, this time with the CFX. It also sports a handy screen and a fully ceramic oven to help you get the purest vapor and flavor out of your dry herbs.


Best Vapes Over $300

The Volcano Classic is amazing value right now closely followed by the Volcano Digit. Staples within the community, and instantly recognizable by many, they have sat atop other desktop vaporizers since they burst on the scene. The price may seem steep, but it is common for people to have theirs for years and years! For portable vaporizers, we would be stupid to not include the Pax 3. Dubbed the iPhone of vaporizers, this modern and sleek device is incredibly impressive. The Firefly 2 is a speedy portable ideal for people on the go, coming with two batteries and charging within 45 minutes. Finally, we have the DaVinci IQ, a small device that packs a punch thanks to a fully ceramic oven and air path. All these 3 have apps to help you make your experience fully personal!


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