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YPB is the global brand protection and customer engagement solutions company at the centre of the global fight against counterfeit and product theft. We lead the world with revolutionary, patented anti-counterfeit technology and solutions that detect and prove authenticity and enable consumers to easily and quickly tell if their purchases are real or fake, and to engage with brands via their smartphone to get deeper product information.

For the cannabis industry, YPB has created Cannabis Confirmed in partnership with Namaste Technologies - an exciting global cannabis industry initiative to help manufacturers and Licensed Producers protect customers from counterfeits, deliver a new way to engage with them.

Cannabis Confirmed is centred around two advanced YPB anti-counterfeit products.

The first is ProtectCode - a unique high security authentication product for manufacturers that combines an invisible, covert tracer-embedded QR code with a unique serial number under a scratch-off panel. In the near future YPBs, advancement in a technology called Motif Micro could mean all you need to do to confirm authenticity of a product is scan an invisible code smartphone-readable code embedded in the brand logo, or even the product itself.

The second is Vintail - a specially designed Near Field Communication technology for Licensed Producers that brings both anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper properties to cannabis packaging, turning plain packaging into smart packaging.