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The Ripper Klean Kut

The Ripper Klean Kut
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  • The Ripper Klean Kut
  • The Ripper Klean Kut
CAD $94.95


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The Ripper Klean Kut

This is the Official The Ripper Klean Kut by Killer Bongs. Killer bong definitely has a killer range of bongs including the ripper. The bong looks like a twister which is a cool enough design for a bong. The bong even has ice notches so you can put ice into the bong, this means you will be able to put ice cubes into your bong, this will cool down the smoke that you take in from the bong. This is good for people who can't stand the thick hot smoke. 

The bong has interchangeable parts which are great because if you don't like the parts that come with the bong then you can use your own parts.  


The Ripper Klean Kut
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