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Welcome to Namaste Vaporizers Canada

Best Selling Vaporizers in Canada

Namaste Technologies Inc. is a Canadian based company that owns and operates

Namaste was started by 2 Vape loving Canadians. Namaste sells Herbal and Concentrate vapes world-wide. We welcome you to our Canadian store where you can buy vaporizers online while supporting your country. Lets keep Canada Vaping. See the best selling vapes in Canada here 

We know our Canadian cusotmers love to vape. When you vape dry herbs you heat the materials to tempeartures just below their combustion point. This causes the release of vapor from material without the harmful affects and carcinogens found in smoke. Whether you're after Portable or Desktop Vaporizers or Vaporizers for use with Concentrates, we have the right vape for you!

Types of Vaporizers you can buy from Namaste Vapes Canada

Namaste stock only the top range vaporizers to buy in Canada. We are proud to be the number one best vaporizer shop in Canada on Trustpilot and we aim to keep it that way. We categorize our vapes into portable vapes which is everything from your Pax 3 & The Firefly 2 to the Mighty Vaporizer sized vapes. As well as Desktop Vaporizers including the Volcano, the Extreme Q and all the other well-known large vapes. If you want to have a look at the types of Vaporizers we stock and sell click on the vaporizer shop now button below.

Namaste Vapes Canada : why us?

Namaste Vapes is a global vaporizer company selling in over 18 countries. All the way from Australia and Brazil to the UK and Germany. Co-Founded by 2 Canadians with a passion for vaporizers, Namaste Vapes has grown from small begginings to a globally trusted brand and trades on the Canadian Stock Exchange. So when you are looking for a Canadian Vaporizer shop. You should know when you are shopping Namaste Vapes CA you are shopping Canadian.


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