Product Review: DynaVap Bonger

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly water pipe adapter are surely going to be pleased with the DynaVap Bonger. This adapter allows you to get the ultimate water-based vaping experience without spending a fortune on expensive adapters. 
The DynaVap Bonger is a silicon adapter that is designed to be used on water pipe vaporizers. However, this adapter is constructed to perfectly fit in any DynaVap tip and cap combo. 
On the other hand, if you don’t have a DynaVap tip and cap, you can still use this adapter …

Vaporizer Review: Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig

If you are looking for a handy vape device that offers a flavorful vaping experience, check out the Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig. This vape is a concentrate rig that essentially lets users use concentrates for vaping.
The Evolv Cricket is well-liked for its portability and sturdy construction. It is made from steel which is highly durable and scratch resistant. In addition, there is a vibrant screen and buttons located at the front. 
The up and down buttons on the device allow you to control while the center button …

Product Review: CCell Rizo 510 Vape Battery

The CCell Rizo 510 is by far, the best battery produced by the company given its new features and top-notch quality.
This battery is to be used on 510-cartridge vape devices. Unlike other batteries, the CCell Rizo is designed to provide long-lasting power through its 300 mAh battery capacity. With this newly released CCell battery, you can enjoy vaping all day without any interruptions. 
In terms of size, the CCell Rizo is fairly small in size – measuring only 62 mm x  34 mm x 15 mm. Given its miniature size, …

Vape Review: Arizer XQ2

The Arizer XQ2 showcases a splendid shape and design which makes it look sophisticated. It comes with a full-color screen situated at the front and it also comes with in-built colored LED ring light located at the bottom base. 
The combination of the lights and the sleek build of the Arizer XQ2 makes it look contemporary. Furthermore, the Arizer XQ2 utilizes a ceramic heater for convection heating. 
The device also features a colored light located at the top of the glass cover of the heater. The light in the device …