Product Review: CCell Rizo 510 Vape Battery

The CCell Rizo 510 is by far, the best battery produced by the company given its new features and top-notch quality.

This battery is to be used on 510-cartridge vape devices. Unlike other batteries, the CCell Rizo is designed to provide long-lasting power through its 300 mAh battery capacity. With this newly released CCell battery, you can enjoy vaping all day without any interruptions. 

In terms of size, the CCell Rizo is fairly small in size – measuring only 62 mm x  34 mm x 15 mm. Given its miniature size, this device fits perfectly well in your pocket. 

When it comes to construction, the Rizo definitely does not disappoint. This device is made with a premium metal alloy that is guaranteed durable and will surpass the life of most high-end vape devices. 

Additionally, the CCell Rizo also comes with a handy LED battery gauge that allows you to easily monitor the power level. The battery also comes with a vibration motor which is programmed to deliver haptic alerts. 

Lastly, the Rizo is triggered through inhalation. In other words, you don’t have to press a button to ignite the power when you are vaping which is highly convenient. You just have to breathe in through the device when you are ready. 

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