Vaporizer Review: Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig

If you are looking for a handy vape device that offers a flavorful vaping experience, check out the Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig. This vape is a concentrate rig that essentially lets users use concentrates for vaping.

The Evolv Cricket is well-liked for its portability and sturdy construction. It is made from steel which is highly durable and scratch resistant. In addition, there is a vibrant screen and buttons located at the front. 

The up and down buttons on the device allow you to control while the center button is both the power and the fire button. The entire rig is about 4 and a half inches in length, thus, it fits perfectly well in your pockets. Moreover, the Cricket rig also features a titanium tub – the part where you put your concentrate in. 

The best thing about the Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig is the stellar vapor quality it offers. You get a remarkably smooth and free-flowing vapor which is truly exceptional given how small and compact this device is. 

Furthermore, the Cricket Pocket Dab Rig, as the name suggests, is specifically designed for small dabs. The device is engineered to give an efficient concentrate vaping which is perfect for small dabs. 

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