Movements Against Vaping is Destructive For Public Health

E-cigarettes have allegedly caused a sudden outbreak of acute lung failure which resulted in several deaths in a particular geographical region. 

This news has been a huge topic of conversation and a point of contention for the vaping community and those who are strongly against vaping. Many were shocked about the claims as e-cigarettes have been used worldwide for over 20 years without any serious issues reported. 

This issue has been a dominating narrative in the US for the past month. In fact, Health Experts describe what they call the “vaping disease” to be a serious inflammatory condition that mainly affects the lungs. 

Moreover, more than 800 cases, including 13 deaths, have been recorded in the past few weeks. 

E-cigarettes took over the global market in 2009. Similarly, roughly 11 million American adults used e-cigarettes in 2016 which is equivalent to about 4.5% of the US adult population. 

Nowadays, the estimated number of people who use e-cigarettes in the world is 20 million.  However, aside from the United States, there has been no sudden surge of lung failure in any other parts of the world. 

The answer is fairly simple: the outbreak is believed to be caused by recent ingredient modifications and new product releases in the US. 

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