Product Review: DynaVap Bonger

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly water pipe adapter are surely going to be pleased with the DynaVap Bonger. This adapter allows you to get the ultimate water-based vaping experience without spending a fortune on expensive adapters. 

The DynaVap Bonger is a silicon adapter that is designed to be used on water pipe vaporizers. However, this adapter is constructed to perfectly fit in any DynaVap tip and cap combo. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have a DynaVap tip and cap, you can still use this adapter as it is designed with a standard fit. DynaVap is well-renowned for producing highly functional and flexible accessories and the Bonger is undoubtedly no exception. 

One of the most commendable features of the Bonger is its stainless air path. It comes with a stainless steel condenser making this adapter one of the best ones in the market to date. 

In addition, this device also does not come with an airport. However, despite the lack of it, the airflow it delivers offers exemplary smoothness and thickness which is highly surprising. 

Overall, the DynaVap Bonger is truly an excellent water pipe adapter that delivers exceptional performance and reliability for an affordable price. 

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