Movements Against Vaping is Destructive For Public Health

E-cigarettes have allegedly caused a sudden outbreak of acute lung failure which resulted in several deaths in a particular geographical region. 
This news has been a huge topic of conversation and a point of contention for the vaping community and those who are strongly against vaping. Many were shocked about the claims as e-cigarettes have been used worldwide for over 20 years without any serious issues reported. 
This issue has been a dominating narrative in the US for the past month. In fact, Health Experts …

The Ultimate Brand Interview Featuring The Vaporist

If you are not from Canada, then you probably never heard of The Vaporist before. However, this brand is an OG to the vaping community in the country. 
In fact, the CEO and founder of the brand, Phil, is renowned for his reputation of being the most straightforward e-liquid maker in Canada. 
Here are a few more facts about The Vaporist that you might be interested in learning.

Phil started The Vaporist from scratch by …

The Vaping Community During Covid-19, 2020

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has massively changed the vaping community this year.  The government has decided to close many physical stores and only online retailers were able to continue making sales. 
China, in particular, was in a deadlock at some point due to the scarcity of sources as shipping and plants shut down. Mass production was at a standstill at this moment. 
Moreover, products such as Caliburn pods, as well as a variety of replacement coils were short in supply for a few weeks. …