The Vaping Community During Covid-19, 2020

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has massively changed the vaping community this year.  The government has decided to close many physical stores and only online retailers were able to continue making sales. 

China, in particular, was in a deadlock at some point due to the scarcity of sources as shipping and plants shut down. Mass production was at a standstill at this moment. 

Moreover, products such as Caliburn pods, as well as a variety of replacement coils were short in supply for a few weeks. 

Further, here are a few other changes we saw in the vaping industry in 2020 during the height of Covid 19. 

  • People stocked up on the top-trusted replacement coils for vape devices that they already have. This includes Caliburn pods, SMOK RPM, Nord coils, and Nautilus coils, along with others. 
  • People stocked up on their favorite juices and concentrates. Given that the majority of stores have been forced to close down, many vape enthusiasts chose to stash their favorite e-liquids at home before they sold out online. 
  • People made a few changes in their daily sessions to save money. This meant consuming less juice and not purchasing stock coils. 
  • People switched to increased ohm builds, pod devices, and high-nicotine juices. These shifts allowed for keeping lower juice consumption levels.

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