Top Vaporizers With The Best Battery Life

Admittedly, the battery is a massive factor to consider when shopping for a new vaporizer. However, many people tend to forget to evaluate the battery performance and capacity of their vaporizers of choice. 
In this quick buying guide, we introduce our top picks for vaporizers with the best battery life. 
The PAX 3 is a well-loved vaporizer in the vaping community given its sleek design and exceptional performance. 
This vaporizer is a great choice…

Vape Review: Arizer XQ2

The Arizer XQ2 showcases a splendid shape and design which makes it look sophisticated. It comes with a full-color screen situated at the front and it also comes with in-built colored LED ring light located at the bottom base. 
The combination of the lights and the sleek build of the Arizer XQ2 makes it look contemporary. Furthermore, the Arizer XQ2 utilizes a ceramic heater for convection heating. 
The device also features a colored light located at the top of the glass cover of the heater. The light in the device …