3 essential life hacks for your wax pen

Posted by Abrar Odoo on

Wax pens are an amazing innovation that let you enjoy dry herb concentrates safely and conveniently. They generally work with one or two of the main forms of concentrate and feature a high-quality heating element that can effectively vaporizer your material without the need for the butane torch associated with dabbing rigs.

With a bit of innovation, you can vape even more efficiently to get the most out of your device.

Here's how:

Carry your concentrates in a non-stick container

Concentrates like waxes and shatter have a sticky and delicate texture. A silicone, non-stick container is the ultimate solution to this problem as it helps to keep your concentrates safe, clean, and lint-free. 

Cool it

Concentrates are a fantastic and resilient form of dry herb. But no matter how resilient the are, they don't last long unless you freeze them. If you want to save your concentrate for future, then put it in the freezer to help preserve it. When you take your concentrate out of the freezer, make sure you let it thaw before vaping. 

Clean your pen regularly

The majority of issues that mess up people’s vaping experience are usually related to the fact that the vape is dirty. Take some time to practice basic vape hygiene and you’ll notice that your hits are nicer, stronger, and your battery will last longer.

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