Best of 2018: Dry Herb Vapes

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CSR Team 25/01/2018

Dry Herb vaporizers were the first kind of vaporizers to really take the world by storm all the way back in the 90’s when they were invented by Eagle Bill. Since then a number of different materials have become vapable, like concentrates which are growing in popularity, but there will always be a place for dry herbs, and more importantly, dry herb vaporizers.

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba vaporizer is probably one of the finest examples of a good manufacturing company making it easier to put a vaporizer in everyone's pocket. This amazing little device doesn’t cost hundreds like all of the other top market brands. You can get it incredibly cheaply these days which is fantastic because it’s also an amazing portable model and a great contender to be your next personal vaporizer.

Black Mamba Vaporizer Canada

The Black Mamba ticks all the boxes in terms of portability and stealth. First of all its tear drop shape allows it to slip into pockets incredibly easily and its small size means it won’t be a problem while there. This tear drop shape, combined with it’s rubber grip, also makes it a very comfortable vape to hold during long sessions. It’s got a matte black colour to it so it doesn’t draw attention either while it’s in use.

The greatest thing about The Black Mamba, and the single fact that has generated so much hype about it, is that despite this vapes portable size and affordable cost, they’ve managed to fit one hell of a ceramic heating chamber inside. Ceramics, as most vape enthusiasts know, is one of the better materials to heat your herbs with. It instills a fantastic taste to the vapor and the fact that The Black Mamba managed to build such a high quality element within their vaporizer is great to see.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is widely known as one of the finest examples of a portable vaporizer. Having been released by Pax Labs earlier this year, the world couldn’t believe the many improvements this model built into it compared to the previous models. At its core, the Pax 3 is an incredibly portable and stylish vaporizer that, despite being conduction heated and containing stainless steel heating elements, genuinely puts out some amazing vapor.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Canada

The Pax 3, in its standard form, is a dry herb vaporizer but you can purchase the oil jar accessory separately in order to open up your vape to concentrates. It really is an amazing vaporizer and has so many amazing extras that just round it off as one of the best personal vapes. It comes with an option for so many different types of accessories as well as a 15 second heat up temperature which makes it one of the faster dry herb vapes on the market. The Pax 3 also comes with an innovative breath sense on the mouthpiece which’ll open up the pathway more as you take your draw.

The Pax 3 comes with 4 preset temperatures that ranges from 360°F to 420°F (182°C - 215°C). One great bonus that you’re seeing in a lot of vaporizers lately can also be found in the Pax 3. Bluetooth and smartphone app connectivity allows you to have full control of the Pax 3’s temperature settings. On vapes this small, it isn’t often you see full temperature control, but the fact that they’ve managed to fit it into the device, even if it’s through a phone, is a really nice touch.

Also with the smartphone app, the Pax 3 is capable of some amazing functionality. You can very slightly change the modes of the vaporizer to subtly change how it works. Boost Mode will keep the oven hotter for longer while preventing the auto-cooling feature from activating. Efficiency Mode will quickly ramp up the temperature on your oven during the session while Stealthy Mode heats and cools quicker, allows for the quickest hits. Finally there’s flavor mode, one of the favourite modes, which only heats your herbs while you’re drawing in order to get a slight hint of that toasty convection flavor to your draws.

Pax 2

The Pax 2. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would the model the Pax 3 replaced be on this list? Well, the fact that it’s here shows the resilience of the Pax Labs brand. See, since the Pax 3 has come out, The Pax 2 has significantly dropped in price and it’s now pretty easy to pick one up for less than $200 dollars. Combine this with the fact that it still is actually a pretty effective vaporizer and what you’ve got is one of the more popular “budget” vaporizers of the past year.

Pax 2 Vaporizer Canada

The Pax 2 is very similar to the Pax 3 in many ways. They look very similar and emphasize the sleek, modern body as a way of making the vaporizer a lot more portable. The design of Pax’s vaporizers have always been very clever, so the fact that, even at this early stage, Pax were using the stylishness of their products to help make them more portable is a great innovation. No matter what leaps are made in the industry, you really can’t ignore the perfection of an old standard vaporizer in terms of what it’s able to accomplish. The Pax 2 is able to put out some incredibly clean and pure vapor. So fresh tasting and capable of some very big clouds.

If you’re looking for you’re next personal vaporizer and money is no issue, sure, go for the Pax 3. They are, at the very least, getting cheaper every day. Compared to the first Pax, The Pax 2 was a massive improvement. It was a lot lighter, a lot smaller and a lot more powerful in terms of herbal efficiency and battery capacity.

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty vaporizer doesn’t need that much of an introduction anymore, but I’m going to give it one anyway. The Mighty vape is the flavor powerhouse of the Storz and Bickel manufacturing company in Germany. The Mighty is widely considered to be one of the best vaporizers on the market and has been a bestseller world wide since it was released in 2009. The Mighty is just the greatest example of what a vaporizer can be if you just build it right the first time. For all these years it has been handcrafted by Storz and Bickel to perform at an exceptional rate while also remaining incredibly durable. This vaporizer is designed to give you your most intense vaping experience you could ask for. It comes with full temperature control which can be set using the LCD screen at the bottom of the vape. The Mighty is compatible with a whole range of accessories including concentrate pads which’ll allow you to use this vape with concentrates.

Mighty Vaporizer Canada

Let’s break down what makes The Mighty so fantastic. First of all it has a hybrid heated oven, but favors the convection heat more during the actual vaping, which instills a great flavor into your cloud. What’s more, the addition of the conduction elements ensures a fast and efficient vape throughout, so you won’t be waiting long. Another innovative feature that adds to the vapor of the Mighty is the cooling unit on the top of the vape which lengthens the journey the vapor takes to get to your mouth. This lowers the temperature enough to make it a lot smoother.

Boundless CF

The Boundless CF is the primary vaporizer of Boundless’ flagship line of vaporizers. Like the others in this series, The Boundless CF was designed to be an affordable challenge to many of the big name brands on the market; a mission that they accomplished with flying colours. The Boundless CF has been compared the most to the Crafty by Storz and Bickel, the little brother to the Mighty, for its efficiency and hybrid heated taste. This comparison is a badge of honour all on its own.

Boundless CF Vaporizer Canada

The Boundless CF managed to create an incredibly affordable vaporizer that works off of hybrid heat. Some reviews say that it doesn’t hit the same quality of flavor as the Mighty or Crafty, but at one-third of their price, this vaporizer really can’t be ignored. By all accounts it is a delicious vape that produces big clouds and puts a clean heat on your herbs in order to produce such quality. The Boundless CF doesn’t have a LCD display or full temperature control. That’s a sacrifice they had to make when they were reducing this vapes size compared to its larger brother, the Boundless CFX. Despite this, the vape is incredibly consistent and very easy to use. Whether its for personal use or you want to break it out for parties, this is a vape that won’t let you down. It’s very well built with the chamber able to vape large amounts very evenly with no real grinding requirements beforehand.