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This Holiday Season; Find Your Perfect Vaporizer With NamasteVapes

on Dec 18, 2017

NamasteVapes are already for Christmas with our new Gift Guide page, dedicated to leading you towards your next, perfect vaporizer; whether it’s for you or that special someone. Inside each of our gift guides we have all of our fantastic vaporizers at our disposal. Each one has been grouped together into their category with quite a lot of thought.

Holiday Christmas Gift Guide NamasteVapes Canada

Gifts For Her

For the female vaper in your life, we’ve got a selection of polished, elegant models that are both beautiful to the appearance, but more importantly convenient to match a busy lifestyle. We know vapers, and we know our female vapers, and we also know they don’t like to shy away from some power in their draws so that’s why this selection has been carefully chosen to bring you the kind of quality that any deserving woman needs.

The Crafty

The little brother of the Mighty, The Crafty has the power and the functionality to elevate your day no matter your schedule or smoking habits. Using the hybrid heat and long lasting, lithium ion batteries Storz and Bickel are known for, you can expect big hits at all times throughout the day. Also, The Crafty comes with a fantastic smartphone app that can help you control the temperature more accurately.

The Pax 3

Often called the IPhone of vaporizers, The Pax 3 is an amazingly convenient and super compact conduction vaporizer that has won the world over for its superior portability. With it’s gently curved exterior and size, it can slip right into your jeans or fit snugly into a packed purse and you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It’s also sturdy enough to take the constant abuse of a busy life.

The Arizer Air 2

Arizer are a company known for their fantastic take on aromatherapy, allowing their vaporizers to draw the absolute best out of every single grain of herb and making your experience better and tastier overall. The Air 2 is their latest model and has continued this tradition by utilizing aroma tubes and dishes in the kit that’ll allow you to really appreciate your flower.

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Gifts For Him

For the boy who likes his toys, we have a series of vaporizers that embraces strange and unique technologies in the industry.

The Genius Pipe

Using dimple technology, the same mechanical ingenuity that can be found inside gaming PC’s, The Genius Pipe has more than earned its title as the no-cough pipe, offering up the smoothest smoking experience you could ever want. You won’t be able to believe that a water-less filtration smoking accessory can be this smooth and cool to the taste. This right here is a product that will no doubt be at the forefront of a revolution.

The DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is arguably the smartest vaporizer on the market today, with more modes, functions and extras than you can count. These days, a vaporizer is praised for moving with the times and giving their vape full temperature control. With the DaVinci IQ, that’s called Precision Mode, but they go one step further with the inclusion of their smart PAth modes, which not only gives you full temp control, but also controls how fast and for how long the vape heats up, giving you more control than we’ve ever seen before. The DaVinci IQ is so good, we managed to sneak it into the Gifts For Her collection as well.

The Mighty

The Mighty is the mac daddy of the vaporizer world, sporting one of the first and most recognizable hybrid heated oven. The Mighty is the bigger brother of the Crafty, and when we say bigger we mean it because The Mighty is about twice as large as the Crafty, but where it loses portability, it gains power. Sheer power; and produces the kind of flavor that’s kept it in the top spot since 2007.

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Stocking Fillers

On the stocking filler page, we’ve got those little gifts that are just great to round off a beautiful Christmas. Many of these are must have, sesh kit essentials like glass spoon pipes, grinders, glass blunts and rolling papers and, at a reasonable price, they’re perfect to put in someones stocking this year.

Also in this page we have the Alpha Puff All-In-One kit which incorporates all of the necessary elements of a smoking collection within itself. It’s a strong, portable bong with room for papers, pre-roll holders as well as a built in lighter; all contained in a device no larger than a water bottle.

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Beginner Buys

Looking to sell someone on the herbal culture and need to find them just the right vaporizer? Here’s a list for you with a great mix of old favourites, like The Mighty for that classic raw power, or the new Flytlab Lift which is a newer, advanced, dependable model that performs well and won’t let you down.

Trying to get them into vaporizing is tricky. You want that special someone to have the utmost in flavor but you also want to make sure the vaporizer fits their lifestyle. There’s no point in getting them something a big and as flashy as the Mighty if it turns out to be too big for them to use regularly. For that reason, really look at the vapes in this collection and make sure that it's for you because if you're going to start vaping, you'd want to be getting the most out of it.

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Under $99

A very cheap guide for you christmas shoppers who’re working on a tight budget this year but still want to make sure you pick up that top-quality vaporizer. Everything on this list is Under $99; most of the products are even a lot cheaper, so if you had your heart set on gifting someone a great vape this year, not to worry because NamasteVapes are going to make sure that happens.

The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba has been dominating the budget vaporizer game for a very long time now for one very simple reason; the quality. The Black Mamba isn’t anything spectacular, in the sense that it doesn’t come with a lot of crazy features. It’s just a strong, well-built, conduction vaporizer with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and transport. You’re getting a supreme quality that’ll last, but moreover it’s coming in at an incredibly low price point that makes this the perfect addition to any christmas. This vape is so good, it’s been added to many of the other christmas collections you can expect to see on NamasteVapes, but on this collection it’s front and centre.

The Shatterizer

At an incredibly cheap price, The Shatterizer is one of the most convenient wax or concentrate vaporizers to be brought out in recent months. Heating in seconds and  vaporizes waxes almost instantly. This really is an on-demand vaporizer. You rarely see this kind of efficiency in a wax vaporizer as well so if you’re a concentrate lover it’s great to have this option so easily available to you. It’s also one of the smallest vaporizers we’ve ever seen. Despite the rounded mouthpiece/chamber, it actually does fit pretty easily into your pocket and bag. They take up very little room and this is made all the easier by the fact that most of the body can come apart in pieces. A quick, concentrate vape is now always in your pocket.

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