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Namaste Vapes Canada 11/01/2019

Kandypens Pretty Sweet

There’s no question about it, portable vapes are now a mainstay of the UK dry herb scene, but there’s much much more to the vape scene than that. Vape pens, e-nails, and desktop vapes are all great and rewarding ways to have a great vape experience too. So why are portable vapes king of the hill? There are hundreds of different ways to enjoy a vape experience, so why not roll the dice and look for a new way?

Vape pens are the often forgotten little brothers of portable vapes. They are often overshadowed by the bigger, flashier units from the big vape companies. However there is a cadre of people out there that want to enjoy concentrates and waxes during their vape experience. Those who hold discreteness above all else may also find that vape pens suit their tastes.

Exceedingly discreet and with super quick charging times vaporizer pens clearly have their own great advantages. For thousands of people in the UK vape scene their formative vape experience may indeed be with a Vape Pen.


The vape pen market is served very well with a huge amount fantastic brands, with amazing product lines from Dr. Dabber - a renowned market leader in vaporizer pen design, Grenco Science and dry herb enthusiast/expert/patron saint and rap legend Snoop Dog who helped create a line of fantastic vape Pens including the best selling vape pen of 2017 - The Snoop Dogg G Pen.

Some companies stand apart from the rest, one of those companies is KandyPens. Based in Santa Barbara, California, USA. KandyPens have made it their mission to revolutionise the vape pen market, and looking at their amazing range of pen-style vaporizers.

KandyPens are producing some of the most diverse and powerful pen vapes on the market that give their customers something different from their competitors. The shortcomings of other vaporizers won’t be seen in these pens, you won’t have to worry about them randomly breaking, they are sturdy and made to last.

They have a stunning range of great vape pens that are bound to suit any taste, here’s just a few of their fantastic units.

Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

Galaxy Vape Pen

The Galaxy Vape Pen comes equipped with a large, wickless quartz chamber that features an elevated air flow system. It has a precise and easy to use temperature control, dual quarts rods, which along with a titanium coil promise a quick and through heat up time. This pen is intended to be used with concentrates, so a quick heat up time and powerful heating element is essential for clean, smooth hits.

The Galaxy Pen has a striking cosmic black glossy enamel with a glittery finish that lets it more than live up to its moniker!

Gravity Vaporizer Pen

Gravity vape pen KandyPen

You have to understand the gravity of the situation. The Gravity Vaporizer Pen is another great product from KandyPens is built around a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and also a coil-less vaping chamber with a ceramic dish.  The increased air flow system combined with the dual quartz rods and high strength titanium heating coil ensure that the vaping experience you get from this pen is among the best available.

The Gravity Pen is one of our most popular vape pens and that’s no surprise. It comes packed with a whole range of incredible features including a thread for attachments and a ten second auto shut off so you can preserve your battery!

Vape pens are the go-to vaporizers for those of you who love concentrates and value discreteness, and while KandyPens supply some pretty sweet models there’s a whole range of other vape pens available in our UK webstore!