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Canada Vaporizer News

NamasteVapes Black Friday Sale - What's on Offer?

on Nov 22, 2018

Black Friday with NamasteVapes! Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to save some money on a shiny new vape for yourself or a loved one for the holidays. Whether you’re finally investing in Storz & Bickel Volcano, or maybe you’ve had your eye on a Pax 3 for months but never took the plunge - here’s a round up of the best offers we have across the whole store, with massive reductions on our favourite premium brands. Once the site goes live on Black Friday November 23rd, here’s some of the great deals we’ll have on offer. Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer was $677.95 NOW $512.00**  Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer was $840 NOW $640.00** ... Read more »

PAX 3 Vs Grizzly Eclipse: Vape Review

on Jun 08, 2018

Now, this is a tough one to call. PAX 3 vs Grizzly Eclipse … they are both so good. They are good for different reasons too, which makes them more interesting to compare. So, are you a Grizzly Originals fan or a PAX vaporizer fan? No preference? Want to know more? Stick with it, a full comparison is on the way. Grizzly Eclipse Overview A dual use vaporizer for dry herbs, waxes or concentrates, this portable vape has a glass airpath, a wide range of atomizers and mouthpieces that allow for customization and personalization. If you are interested in lots of different products and how to vape them, or simply like a very capable yet portable vaporizer, the Grizzly Eclipse... Read more »

Breaking Down Pax's New Pricing Options

on Nov 08, 2017

About a year ago now, Pax brought out their latest model, The Pax 3, which has since dominated the portable conduction market. However, all good things must come to an end, and like all vaporizers, the Pax started to drop in sale. This is completely normal, especially for top-market, luxury products like this, but Pax wanted to keep themselves updated and relevant and came up with a plan. Pax split their basic vape package into two separate kits. Essentially, the Complete Kit now offers a lot more, but manages to stay at the same price as the old Pax 3 kit, while the Device Only kit contains far less accessories but comes in at an astonishingly slashed price. If you’ve... Read more »

The Latest Pax Colors Coming In The Pax Update

on Sep 22, 2017

Though quite a lot smaller, The Pax 3 looks almost the exact same as The Pax 2, except with the glistening matte finish the Pax 3 is more of a fashion statement, being a trademark for the high-end vaporization market. The Pax 3 has been the elegant, stylish, fully portable, conduction heated wonder-vape of the past nearly 11 months. It has set the tone and standard for portable vapes and, as the weeks leading up to its release ticked by, the world was on the edge of its seat with anticipation. Pax 3 Color Update We’ve already written a blog about the crazily affordable price drops Pax Labs have just dropped on us (you can check that out Here), but... Read more »

Bringing The Best To You - Pax Labs Latest Price Cuts

on Sep 18, 2017

Pax Labs isn’t done with us yet! 10 months ago, Pax released their latest smart vaporizer, the Pax 3, which was immediately welcomed in with open arms by the vaping community for it’s delicious and efficient vapor production as well as its small, discreet shape. Pax are dedicated to bringing the ultimate vaporization experience to the consumer with innovative and premium models. Now, Pax have brought out a couple of deals that’ll really bring down the price of their vapes, the Pax 3 and the Pax 2 while also offering a few more bonuses along with it. With the release of these new price cuts, you can expect to see our prices go way down in the near future as... Read more »

Top Best Must-Have Pax Accessories

on Jul 07, 2017

Since the debut of the first Pax vaporizer people have been asking for little changed. While the vapes themselves are stellar, everyone has their own preferred way to enjoy a session and it makes sense that a wide array of accessories has been made available since! The Pax vaporizers are the perfect base to build off; strong and consistent, they don't need the accessories to be great! But with personal preference comes customization and that's where we come in. With a large selection of pax accessories available on the site already, we narrowed down the list to our favorites so we could show them to you! Here are the top must-have pieces to help make your Pax the best, no... Read more »

What Vaporizers Give the Best Flavor?

on May 23, 2017

Most times, features like digital display, control system and aesthetics appeals to consumers in Canada when it comes to vaporizer procurement. This is no way a problem but on my path, I would prepare to weigh a commodity by the content it features on the inside than make judgement's from the outward appearance. Some of you might think I don’t value style or maybe I am not fashionable but on the contrary, maybe I like commodities I purchase to come accompanied with all the possible advantages. Note that when it comes to vaporizers, it is vital that you know the important things to look out for. One of the most important part of a vaporizer is the heating chamber, it... Read more »

Pax 3 vs Firefly 2 | Which is best for you?

on May 08, 2017

There has never been such a hotly contested fight for the role of top dog within the vaporizer community, and I know people who would throw the Mighty or it's older brother the Volcano into the mix but for me, it's between the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2. They might not have the same name value as the Volcano, which anyone who has even looked at Amsterdam can recognize in an instant, but they are super sleek and able to fit in your pocket. That said, which one is the best of the two? It's not easy to say! Both vaporizers have features that would appeal to different types of smokers and that's what makes this such a tight... Read more »


on Feb 20, 2017

The Haze Square and the Pax 3 are two of the most sublime Vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace.  Both of these vapes  are pushing the boundaries in terms of vaporizer excellence.  The Pax 3 delivers some of the most surreal, delicious, and extraordinary vapes known to man or beast.  This really is a vaporizer that not only will surprise you with its overall level of performance, but it will actually leave you flabbergasted at its quality.  Trust me, with this little baby you'll be on your back in ecstasy. Once you've tried the Pax 3 you'll come away pinching yourself wondering whether the experience really happened.  And just when you thought vapes couldn't get any better  along comes the Haze Square Vaporizer that... Read more »

Best Dry Herb Vapes you can get | NamasteVapes Canada

on Dec 23, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's blog post where we're going to be talking about the best vapes to buy in Canada for dry herbs. As we know some vapes work for dry herbs, some for waxes/oils and others for liquids. So today we're just going to focus on the most popular category of vaporizers and that is for use with dry herbs! From famous brands like Storz & Bickel (Crafy, Mighty, Volcano), Pax and Firefly through to less known gems like the Boundless CFX vaporizer and the Grizzly Guru, we're going to tackle all the best portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers on the market today.  Desktop Vaporizers - Volcano Vape Rules the Roost So lets start old school... Read more »

Pax 3 Vape Canadian Release is delayed but why | Namaste Vapes Canada

on Nov 09, 2016

Pax 3 Release is delayed in Canada :( Hi guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes and thanks for checking out today's post! We get tons of emails every day now asking when the Pax 3 vape will be available. So I just wanted to talk a little bit about product availability and product launches, and why the best products take longer to get out to the market. We really have 2 situations to talk about when it comes to production and product launches. Two common cases are either the manufacturer has planned a launch date that gets pushed back due to production delays, quality problems or worse. This is the most common reason we see delays in products being... Read more »

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer show down

on Oct 28, 2016

Today it is time for the Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ vape comparison. These Vapes are coming to Canada and we are exctited. We're going to be talking about two new and exciting Portable Vaporizers that are about to launch on the market - the Pax 3 by Pax Labs and the IQ Vaporizer by Davinci. So lets break into the Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ vape battle. Both Pax Labs and Davinci carry a long standing history of developing innovative products. Pax Labs first launched the original Pax vaporizer which was a global success, then to launch the Pax 2 which very quickly became the best selling portable vaporizer online. Now Pax Labs has announced the launch of the... Read more »

Pax 3 Announced - Along with Pax Air and Pax Era

on Sep 22, 2016

Who does it better than Pax Labs? No one that's who. The creators of the 'iPhone of Vaporizers' are back at it again with 3 brand new models for us to drool over. Adding to their already esteemed repertoire (the OG Pax and the uber successful Pax 2) Pax Labs have gone ahead and given us a sneak peak of the new generation of vaporizers. First up we have the eagerly anticipated successor to the Pax 2; the Pax 3 (What else could it be?). On top of this, Pax Labs have listened to their fans and recognised the serious demand for concentrate vaporizers and are bringing out the Pax Era, the first Pax Vaporizer pen - solely for use with... Read more »

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