The Best 2018 Portable Vaporizers

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Namaste Vapes Canada 14/11/2018

Choosing a portable vaporizer over a desktop vaporizer definitely will ruffle a couple of feathers, but in my opinion it is unavoidable. Portable vaporizers offer quality and convenience at affordable prices.  Why choose anything else?  Of course it is fun having a powerful unit to use, or share with our friends, and obtain big clouds of vapor from it, but personally it isn't the best choice for me, and it may be true for you as well.  We have compiled a list of the ten top portable vaporizers that are currently available.  Each of them provides something unique to your life.  If you prefer to discreetly vape or whenever you are out, then I recommend any of these in our list:   

Mighty Vaporizer 

Made by Storz & Bickel, the renowned manufacturer of the Volcano, is the Mighty vaporizer. With its robust handheld design, you will have a hard time finding a vaporizer that possesses as high a quality of vapor power that this one has.  The Mighty does have one drawback and that is it isn't as compact as a model such as the DaVinci IQ.  However, it is still very portable, so you won't be placing it inside of your front pocket any time soon.  However, it is long lasting and very easy to use.  When the battery is fully charged it can last for continuous use for up to 90 minutes.   

Pax 3 Vaporizer

For anyone who loves things compact, the PAX 3 is the ideal vape. This piece easily slips into any bag, pocket, or also conceal nicely inside the palm of your hand. This vaporizer is subtle, stylish, and sleek. You don't need to worry about portability coming at the expense of power.  Inside of the anodized aluminum body of the PAX 2, is a high-tech heating system that easily handles concentrates and dry herbs. The vape body has LEDs that enable you to see quickly exactly which settings on your vaporizer are active.  Best of all, it can be taken anywhere with you, since it is no larger than the average sized smart phone.  The PAX is definitely for you if you like traveling light.

Crafty Vaporizer 

The Crafty is arguably among the best of the all around portable vaporizers available in today's marketplace. The Crafty is ideal for both advanced and beginner vapers since it uses just one button located on the unit's body and everything else gets controlled through an app. The Crafty is convection-heated and has two temperature settings, with one boost setting along with a default setting. These temperatures can be change on the unit or use the app while on the go. It is easy to load the changer and doesn't need to be fiddled with a lot in order to achieve the right amounts to vape. Battery life may be the only drawback but given that it is charged via a USB, it is convenient to charge it in a number of different places. 

Arizer Go (‘ArGo’) Vaporizer 

The Arizer was released in 2018, is a pocket friendly vaporizer that really packs a big punch. As suggested by the name it is made for individuals who are on the move a lot.  That is why it has removable batteries to keep it charged and are ready to go for a lot longer than most regular vaporizers.  The ArG has a really cool design.  The body of this vaporizer has three buttons on it and an OLED display that shows what the current temperature and battery levels are. Also, the ArGo comes with a removable glass stem to keep your vapor crisp and pure.