The Grizzly Eclipse by Grizzly Originals - Review

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CSR Team 01/03/2018

The Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer is the second vape produced by the Grizzly Originals company, based primarily in Canada. What we’ve got for you today is a review of this amazing vape. Grizzly Originals are dedicated to adding convenience and accessibility to a vapers life. With the Grizzly Eclipse, they’ve stepped up that goal. Similar to the Grizzly Guru, their previous model, the Grizzly Eclipse allows you to vaporize almost anything with the attachments the vape comes with.

That’s what you’re getting when you buy this amazing vaporizer. An all-in-one vaping station that’s right there in your pocket. Never before has it been so easy to switch from Dry Herbs to Concentrates or E-Liquids and back again. That’s what you get when you buy yourself the Grizzly Eclipse. True choice. The vaporizer that does it all.

Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Canada


By the look of the Grizzly Eclipse at face value, clearly, a lot of work has gone into researching this model’s every curve and texture. The body of the vape is a curved, ergonomic oval so that it fits comfortably in your hand. This vape screams modern and stylish. It comes with an airbrushed, gun metal finish which blends really well with the OLED screen and functionality. This metal in this design also gives it away above average durability which is great to see in a portable vaporizer. Altogether it looks very futuristic and like something that might be catching the industries attention anytime soon. To give this vape another sense of sleek, modern allure, the back of the vape was created using a magnetic textured grip. Every piece of this vaporizer compliments it very well and it’s


The Grizzly Eclipse comes with a lot of the standard functions you’d expect to find in a high-end model these days. Straight away, as we’ve already mentioned, the vape comes with an OLED screen that allows you to control the vaporizer’ full temperature spectrum.

What’s very interesting about the Grizzly Eclipse is that the vape will actually detect which of the three tanks you are using once it’s screwed in. Through the 510 connection that’s placed within the head of the vape is a sensor that will always detect which vaping mode you’re using and so change the display on the OLED screen so you can make sure all of your settings are right. This is a little thing, but it’s great going from your dry herb tank to your concentrate tank and having the screen go from Fahrenheit to watts without you having to do anything.

Multiple Tanks

Like the Grizzly Guru before it, the Eclipse vaporizer is designed to incorporate all aspects of vaping life. With the Eclipse, however, the attempt has been streamlined and it is now more convenient than ever to swap out your vaping modes. With the Eclipse vaporizer, it is now easier than ever to vape pretty much anything, and it’s that kind of great choice that thus vaporizer is trying to give its customer. The Grizzly Eclipse does the task by having three different tank attachments that can be screwed into the main body. These three tanks are designed to work with dry herbs, concentrates, and liquids and are each very well made, using the best materials available.

Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Canada

The dry herb tank has a deep chamber made of ceramic which then leads to a borosilicate mouthpiece to keep the flavor pure. A classic combination and it works well here too. The flavor coming from this chamber is very fresh and crisp. The concentrate tank uses a dual quartz coil within in a ceramic chamber to, again, get the most out of the build materials in order to get the most out of the flavor of your material. It uses variable wattage so you can control your heat and with its chamber design, you material vaporizes evenly and quickly while instilling a great flavor. The last tank, and the vaping choice that you rarely get to see alongside the other two is the E-Liquid tank. The E-Liquid tank uses a 0.5-ohm coil that can switch its readout between watts and volts. As we’ve said, even though many vaporizers come out with the ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates, this is the first we’ve seen that takes E-liquids into account like this.

Product Breakdown

The Grizzly Eclipse is currently being released as two packages. The first is the Total Eclipse package, which includes the body of the vape and all three tanks together. Straight away with one purchase, you’ll have an entire vaping collection right there at your disposal.

The second type of kit is the Partial Eclipse kit which comes with the main body of the vape as well as one tank of your choice. Of course, this option is the cheaper one, but it would mean losing out on those other two tanks. If there’s only one type of vaping you're used to doing then you can still affordably enjoy the Eclipse without having pieces of it go to waste. It also gives you the ability to test this amazing portable vaporizer before maybe committing to the entire set right away. You’ll always have the ability to purchase the other tanks whenever you want.

The Partial Eclipse vaporizer kit was clearly designed for vapers who probably prefer one of the methods of vaping, but opening the other tanks up for purchase in the way that they have keeps the Partial Eclipse kit from alienating those vapers who may not want all of the pieces right away or maybe can’t afford them. With these easy accessory purchases, the entire kit will be ready for you whenever.

Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Canada


The Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer is designed to be the first and last vaporizer you’ll ever need. It opens up the entire world of the herbal community right there in the palm of your hand and it’s seamless ability to move between any vaping material hasn’t been seen to the extent before.

The build materials on the vape are fantastic. It merges some old standard favorites like ceramic chambers and glass pathways with some genuinely intuitive design. The real hero is the 510 thread connection that allows for the effortless transition between the tanks. Something so simple and yet brings this vaporizer together as the all in one kit it wants to be.

All in all, if you let it, the Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer could be your new best friend. If you’re a herbal connoisseur, the Grizzly Eclipse could be the vape for you. Moving between materials is so easy with this piece. A lot easy than other vaporizers. No third party accessories or concentrate discs required. Just unscrew one tank and screw another one on and, as long as you left your settings the same, you’ll be good to go straight away.