Three Reasons Why Your Best Vaporizer Might not be Working and how to fix Them 

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Namaste Vapes Canada 28/09/2018

Wear and Tear

One minute you are puffing away, all is good in the world and then out of nowhere the magic stops. You’re not quite sure what has gone wrong but your vape just isn’t right.

All vaporizers, no matter the quality, brand, or price can begin to have problems after extended use. It can be difficult to pinpoint these. Some products may have brand specific issues, you could be misusing your device, or it may be down to wear and tear. Luckily for you, your vape can more than likely be fixed and it could be quite a simple solution.

Top Three Reasons Why

Your Vapor Taste Burnt

If your vapor begins to taste burnt you could need a new coil and if it has been a while since you changed this then chances are, that is your problem. If the burning taste however continues you might need to lower the wattage on your device.

A general rule of thumb to remember is the higher the resistance, the lower the wattage, and if your vaping at a temperature which is too high you will end up with a burnt coil. If you have already followed the above steps or have recently changed your coil, the problem could be your E-Liquids. Some atomizers cannot handle high-VG-juice, trying a lower concentration could better suit your device.

No matter what temperature you like to vape at, your vapor should never burn your throat or necessarily taste burnt.

Your Tank is Leaking

Considering how often we drop our mobile phones it should be no surprise that a cracked tank is one of the most common reasons for a leaking vape. Users can often drop their device and although not broken, (vapes can take some wear and tear) it may have a small crack. Examine your device closely and if this is the case you will need a replacement glass. Another reason your vaporizer could be leaking is if it is unclean. Vapes need cleaned on a regular basis and if this isn’t carried out it can lead to complications in other parts.

Your Vapor is too Thin

Vaporizers are supposed to provide users with smooth, thick, and delicious hits, however some users can find their vapor a little on the weak side. The first reason for this is that your device temperature could be down far too low. For denser results try cranking the heat up a little. The second issue is down to how you pack your herb. It is important to grind your material before putting it into your vape’s chamber, this will allow for more even heat-up and naturally produce a thicker cloud.

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