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Namaste Vapes Canada 08/09/2014

What a month it's been! We're growing fast, all thanks to you, our customers, and our shared love of vaping.

In the interest of sharing, we're going to have one of our managing directors, Namaste Sean, talk about what's been going on lately. You're going to be seeing a lot more of Sean on the blog soon, so please enjoy the video below. If you're having trouble viewing the video, or just want to follow along, we've also included a transcript - and you can find the original clip on our YouTube channel.

Video Transcript:

Hey, thanks again for checking in today. My name is Namaste Sean with Namaste vapes, currently in 20 countries around the world. We’re always growing, looking to partner up, if you have any countries you’d like to see our product in, please give us a call and we’d be happy to speak with you.

Wanted to share some exciting news with you this week, we’ll try to do this every week - give you highlights, what’s taking place at NamasteVapes. This past week we opened in Ireland – Dundalk, Ireland. Companies such as Facebook, Apple, AirBNB have all moved there and we’re following in their footsteps.

As well, we’ve signed some great distributor contracts with the following companies; (MagicFlight) Launch Box, as well as 7th Floor. We also now have the only 220v Silver Surfers as well as “Da Buddha” on the market.

Thanks again for checking in. My name is Namaste Sean.


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