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What is ABV | Already Been Vaped or something Else

on Oct 16, 2018

Hi guys, thanks for checking out our post today where we’re going to be talking about ABV or ‘Already Been Vaped’ herbs. It’s crazy to think that hundreds of years ago, when people combusted their herbs, that the ashes would not only smell bad and also had no use! What the heck am I talking about? ABV man! When you use a vaporizer, the left over material, called ABV still contains a LOT of special ingredients! There are several ways to make the most of your ABV that we’re going to talk about, but how cool is it that vaporizers are already way more efficient than combustion but on top if it, that you can use your expended material again!

We commonly get asked by vaporizer newbies how to know when the bowl is done. Some people will say that it will smell or taste like popcorn, but the simplest way is to see the change in the color of your herbs towards the end of your session. The most efficient vaporizers will extract your  and  evenly and the end result should be a light to dark brown material heated consistently through.  The herbs will get dried up and change color throughout your session. So make sure to save your ABV instead of dumping it in the rubbish bin as there are many ways in which it can be used afterwards, here are a few – Eat it, sprinkle it on food, bake it, extract it. Lets dive in to each of these below!

What’s pretty cool is that since you’re vaporizing your buds at temperatures around say 375-395F, you are actually also decarbing your herb (also known as Decarboxylation) at the same time! So what does that mean? Basically, anyone who is familiar with cooking dried herbs will know that you need to decarb first. Mostly you would use your oven at a low temp which activates the in your mar. which is the molecule present in raw plant material is converted to the activated  version when heated in a vaporizer (or combusted when smoking). Since your ABV has already been heated to temperatures high enough to decarb, that means its already activated. So if you can stomach it, you can literally eat it, add it to a little peanut butter on toast or sprinkle it in a salad. Opportunities are endless here! You can use ABV directly in whatever foods you like as its already activated and will do its job. Like I said, there is a LOT of residual medicine in there that you should take advantage of!

If you’re a little more adventurous, your ABV can also be used in an extraction (or wash) to get the remaining molecules out. This would be a similar process to how you would make oil and with ABV the easiest way would be to use an isopropyl alcohol extraction (look it up online) but essentially you use a high proof alcohol that will soak the material and extract all the .  Then you burn off all the remaining alcohol (being careful about the fumes) and are left with a thick tar-textured oil. Now I will say that you cannot expect this oil to taste any good in comparision with real extractions like wax and shatter, but it will be very potent!

So as you can see, your ABV is very valuable. It may not be good to re-use in a vaporizer but there is a lot of left-over goodness to be had. Save your ABV and put it to good use! Hope you found this informative and if you have any questions please contact us!


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