What Vapes to Look out for on 7/10

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Affiliates Namaste 10/07/2018

Happy 7/10! 

Tuesdays are usually a bore, but lucky for you this Tuesday happens to fall on 7/10. The official national day for dabbing and concentrate fans everywhere, Happy Dab Day! So we have all heard of 4/20 but why 7/10? Well, there is one very simple explanation- turn 7/10 upside down and it spells out the word OIL.  

What is Dabbing? 

Dabbing is the consumption method associated with the vaporization of cannabidiol concentrates. These materials are more potent, tend to last longer and provide immediate relief. It also means that you are inhaling more material and less combusted resin.  

The most popular method of dabbing is pressing butane into dry herbs into a flammable liquid. When removed, these tend to resemble a golden waxy residue similar to honey. The second and more safer method used is via a Rosin Press, this uses a machine to apply heat and pressure safety so that the dabs are pushed from the dry herbs.  

Interested? If you’re going to start you’ll need a concentrate vape or vape pen, with celebratory sales on why not treat ‘yo self’ this 710.  

7/10 Treats 

The RosinBomb Super Rosin Press 

The RosinBomb Super Rosin Press

Okay, so technically this is not a vape however, The RosinBomb is taking the dabbing world by storm. With concentrates and dabs growing in popularity many want purity, effects and the best flavours. Unlike the Rosin Press, using solvents with chemicals like Butane, Dimethyl Ether and Isopropyl Alcohol can be extremely dangerous. You will also require a vacuum to remove the remaining nasty solvents from the extracted products- which is another time-consuming process.  

The Rosin Press involves using a little heat and adding a lot of pressure to your dry herbs, this will liquefy the resin and squeeze out any waste. This method removes all the graft and is even capable of producing half an ounce (14grams) of material at any one time. The Rosin Bomb can also perform its magic whilst remaining silent and producing zero noise pollution.  


Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition

Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition 

Dr Dabber have taken the popular boost and made it even better! The new boost black edition comes with three nails and these are 50 percent larger than the originals. This means bigger dabs and even bigger clouds. The three nails are made from quartz, titanium, and ceramic so you customize it to your flavour of choice and even temperature preference.  

The smart and stainless steel magnetic carb cap allows you to drop your dab and cap it off without even having to switch hands. Its heating element can take as little as 25 seconds and the glass water attachment uses an inline diffuser which can break up bubbles and provide optimum cooling and filtration of smoke.  


Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer  

One of the most powerful and versatile new concentrate vaporizers, this product is surely shattering expectations. If you enjoy well vaporized and potent concentrates then look no further than this, the Shatterizer is engineered to conduct a truly smooth pull which releases the fullest flavour through a borosilicate top piece.  

The straight forward, easy to use vaporizer uses two varieties of concentrate. You can choose from three temperature settings with intuitive control which allows you to decide both the thickness and potency of your vapour.