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Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers Canada

Concentrate vaporizers have become more popular in recent years, though they still hang slightly behind dry herb vapes. Thanks to a boom in the world of extracts, technology had to catch up to deliver the same high quality vaping experience for those who prefer hash to herbal! If you are someone who would rather have a five-second dab than a ten-minute session then these are the weed vapes for you! Click read more at the bottom to find out more about concentrate vaporizers. 

Concentrate Popularity

With the growth of concentrates in the last few years, like wax and shatter, the technology had to catch up! Vaping is far safer and healthier than smoking, so people set their sights on improving the ways people took in their marijuana extracts. E-Cigs helped bring that process forward, and now when people hear vaporizer that's usually the first thing they think of! Fortunately, the marijuana industry took the design and improved on it to make vape pens medically friendly

Clean and Compact

One of the biggest bonuses of concentrate vaporizers is how easily they can be taken apart and maintained, with fewer parts there's much less mess to clean up! 9/10 weed pen vapes just require their interior cartridge taken out and then they can be accessed to be scrubbed down quickly. They also tend to be much more compact than most dry herb vaporizers, though this isn't always true. Averaging around 4" long, they fit into any pocket quickly and discretely!


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