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If you are shopping around and your looking to buy a quality vaporizer that produce top notch vapor, and is built with strong resistent material at an affordable price range, you definitely need to check out the amazing Davinci Vaporizer company, which is one the most popular vape company in Canada at this moment.

Davinci Vaporizers are among the most advanced portable vapes on the market right now, they fit all the needs of both seasoned professional or for the first time buyer. All of their pocket size portable vaporizers come with super precise temperature control, amazing long lasting battery life (that actually recharge really fast compare to other models) and oustanding professional craftsmanship which is reflected in each and every Davinci Vaporizer. When you buy a Davinci Vaporizer, you are not simply buying a vape, you are also buying a true piece of art built with caution where every little detail matters, and every Canadian and international customers are really enjoying it.

Their main popular Davinci Vaporizer in Canada is the Ascent model, which combines really well portability and luxury by offering a nice stylish, portable size and discreet vape that can follow you everywhere you go. When buying a vaporizer, the Ascent model is definitely an option to keep in mind. It’s a masterpiece that features a 100% total glass pathway, total glass coated quality ceramic bowl, long lasting three to four (3 to 4) hour battery life with only one recharge, and their famous incredible precision temperature control. The special ceramic chamber utilizes a conduction heating system to heat the material quickly and has an average heat up time of less than a minute, it’s really powerfull but remains a very simple system to use. The Ascent Davinci vaporizer is a versatile model with it’s useful ability to vaporize both oil and dried herbs using the same Davinci vape. All these features combined toghether result in a incomparable one of a kind smooth and fresh quality vapor every time you enjoy your vape.

If art and special designs are important when buying a vaporizer, you’ll be more than amazed to see all the different designs you can choose from when buying your Davinci vape; burl wood look, white and black skulls design, carbon fiber, crocodile skin and a wide variety of different crazy artwork to choose from. In case you don’t find a design that fits your taste right away, you can also totally personalize your vaporizer on demand with special custom designs and colours.

Like any respectable company today, Davinci Vaporizer Canada offers a great product warranty that’s included with any Canadian purchase. The normal warranty lenght is of two (2) years and the it covers all the vaporizer’s multiple attached parts, any electronics parts, heating chamber, and the product structure itself. It’s important to mention that Davinci are recognized internationally for the great customer service and the quality of the worker they employ. If you should require any assistance from the company, it’s fast and easy to get a hold of them and they focus on having all of their customers totally satisfied.

Buy Davinci vaporizers such as DaVinci IQ,Davinci Ascent DLX today and you wont regret it!

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