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Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

The real skill of a glass crafter comes out in a really elegant pipe. A standard pipe might only fit into the palm of your hand, but it's an intricate piece of glass that is moulded to get the best air flow while maximising the punch of the herb.

At NamasteVapes, we stock a supply of both water and dry pipes depending on your needs and tastes. These are smoking accessories that have a range of different uses and functions, and we're sure that there's a model that will be useful for you and your smoking collection. browse our selection today.

About Our Pipes

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Dry Pipes

Dry Pipes are a quick and simple way of getting a hit of dry herb. It takes just a second to load it up and then you'll be ready to smoke. The dry pipe, in one form or another, was one of the first forms of smoking ever designed.

The fact that dry pipes are still heavily bought in what is an ever-growing industry, filled with the best aromatherapy technology than ever been created before, is amazing.

Water Pipes

The water pipe often acts as a mini-bong option for those who appreciate the fresh taste of water filtration. Usually taking the form of the bubbler, water pipes funnel the airway through a diffused stem into a small water bowl, cleaning up the smoke just enough to freshen it a little.

Let's be realistic, Water filtration is just a lot less harsh than not using water or some other form of filtration. Water is a time-tested tool for catching ash and carcinogens that are flowing through your smoke, so it's not just more flavorful, but it's also a good bit healthier than dry smoking. What you're seeing in some modern-day designs is a huge step up in the technology of pipes, offering solid filtration in a handheld design.

Convection Vaporizer - Firefly 2
Conduction Vaporizer - DaVinci IQ

Dry Herb Convenience

Pipes, no matter what kind they are, tend to be a great portable option for taking your smoking game with you anywhere. Most pipes are a little too round or bulky to fit in a pocket, but they make great additions to a bag. Just take it out, add your water if it's needed, fill your bowl and light it up. It's just that easy.

Pipes are long-standing staples of any smoking kit. In an age where technology is finding the best way to get the flavor out of your herb, people still love the traditional in-mouth pipe. There's something about the lung-filling, punchiness of the hits you get from one that just can't be replicated.

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