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Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
Aurora Vaporizer Pen
  • Aurora vaporizer pen | dr. dabber

Aurora Vaporizer Pen
CAD $97.00

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Dr. Dabber - Aurora Vaporizer Pen

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is an award-winning vaporizer designed for vaporizing concentrates whilst on the move and if there’s one thing Dr. Dabber know how to design well, it’s vape pens. It’s sleek and slender black design looks great when in use and it makes it extra stealthy when you want to vape unnoticed and the threadless design makes refilling the chamber a breeze.


Built for vaporizing concentrates the Aurora aims to bring you the best portable vaping experience with the most pronounced flavors possible. It does this through a combination of its features such as the 3 temperature settings, improved airflow and a choice of 3 atomizers. Each atomizer chamber has been lined with quartz as its’ able to withstand high temperatures for long periods of time. On top of this, it won’t taint the flavor of the vapor in any way allowing you to fully enjoy each level of terpenes.


Each heat setting will provide you with a different vaping experience. At the lowest level, indicated by a green LED, you’ll get smooth vapor with a minimal cloud production making it ideal for people new to vaping. The medium heat setting (blue) is the best all round heat for those who want to get a good hit but with less of the harsh feeling that comes with higher temperatures. At the highest setting (pink) you’ll be able to produce some serious vapor clouds!


A high-capacity Lithium-ion battery is what powers the Aurora, keeping your vaping sessions going and going. To prevent any accidental drain the battery has a built-in locking feature that requires 5 button presses to be unlocked. The Aurora will also automatically shut down after a period of no activity saving you battery and concentrates. Recharging is quick and easy using the USB powered charging base supplied.

Included in the box is: 

  • Aurora Vaporizer
  • Ceramic Halo Atomizer
  • Dual Ceramic Atomizer
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • Loading tool
  • Silicone Container
  • Manual
  • Magnet Charger

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