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For the Non-Traditional Vaper

Shatterizer - Small But Mighty

Shatterizer was founded by smokers and vapers who don’t fit the traditional image. Small, versatile, but heavy hitting, the Shatterizer is the perfect vape for people who want to take their concentrates game to the next level. Shatterizer brings a new level to pocket convenience that has never before made waxes and shatters so easy to vape on-the-go!

The small body of the vape packs enough power to vape your waxes quickly and efficiently, and the round cap allows vapor to gather for one massive hit, ultimately leading to a next level lung-filling experience. Enjoy perfect, big clouds every time with Shatterizer.

Why Shatterizer?

Shatterizer - Smallest Vape

Smallest Vape

The Shatterizer is one of the smallest vaporizers we’ve ever seen. Even accounting for the magnetic storage chamber on the bottom, it’s still incredibly small. Despite the size, the Shatterizer is packing a lot of power. No matter the texture of the concentrate, be it wax or shatter, this vaporizer with its amazing conduction system vapes it all.

The bottom-most piece of the vape is even removable, making it even smaller. This magnetic, wax-lined storage chamber is the perfect place to keep a few hits handy.

Biggest Clouds

The Shatterizer vaporizer has a simple but brilliant design that takes advantage of the vapors natural flow to deliver major hits. The secret is the mouthpiece. Its spherical design collects the vapor before pressuring it through the mouthpiece to suddenly rush your lungs with that delicious vapor.

These borosilicate or aluminum glass mouthpieces now come in a number of styles and do a fantastic job of protecting your vapor to ensure every one of your hits will be pure concentrate. It's also very resistant to shock and stress fractures.

Shatterizer - Biggest Clouds
Shatterizer - Always on Hand

Always On Hand

The Shatterizer vape is the next in a long line of vaporizers that take what it means to be portable to the next level. The battery is capable of an astronomical 40 hours of use before needing a charge, and even at that, it only needs 3 hours to re-charge. Its system is so simple but so effective.

The coil that can be used as the heating element is quartz and contains three voltage variations for selecting while you vape.

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