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Twisty Glass Blunt

From their debut, the Twisty Glass Blunts have been flying off our online shelves! With their innovative twist design within and a stylish exterior, it feels like everyone wants a piece of these glass pieces! And it's easy to understand why, the intricate piece helps keep your wallet heavy by getting rid of your need to ever buy papers or blunts ever again. Helping you save money and look cool while doing so, the Twisty Glass is a solid investment for years to come.

Twisty Glass Blunt

The foundation of the entire selection, the Twisty Glass Blunt is made of thick German SCHOTT glass. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it probably is! SCHOTT glass is used across the world by many famous upper shelf bong companies, and is known for being super durable and high-quality. The idea behind the blunt is to save you money on buying blunt papers, while also helping reduce the combustion toxins you inhale while smoking weed. This means the piece helps your wallet and your lungs! 

Capable of holding up to 1.5g of ground product, either weed or aromatherapy material, getting ready to go is easy as! Simply twist to deposit the material in the required chamber, hit that light on the end of the device, and you're already going! Once you have used all the material in that section, just twist the blunt to remove the ash and the next section will automatically deposit to get you ready again. Easy!

It is a stunning piece, from the clean clear glass to the classy gold twist interior. And there's no need to worry if it falls! That German SCHOTT glass has you covered. As well as being able to fit comfortably into your favorite bongs, it can also survive a drop! The clear glass means you will be hypnotized watching the twist, as will all your friends. Get ready to have to bring this piece everywhere!

Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit

Get ready to reach a whole other level with the Bubbler kit! This bubbler attachment makes your experience with the Twisty Glass Blunts new again, thanks to an additional chamber that not only cools but enhances your vapor! The famous piece has been designed to fit into any 14mm or 18mm female joint, so you can attach it to any bong and enjoy a sweet hit! With the same quality SCHOTT glass and style as the original, these are ready for use and just as portable as their counterpart!


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