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It seems that every single day a new portable dry herb vaporizer hits the market. While this might be exciting, having so many price points and options to choose from can be incredibly overwhelming. If you would like more information about the best portable vaporizers in 2019, you are in the right place.

Below you will find a list of the top options currently available in the market. Each of the categories listed here will be updated continually to reflect the top-rated handheld and portable vaporizers currently available in the market in 2019.

The vaporized reviews here will be graded by various categories, but the most important ones include durability, reliability, ease of use, portability, and overall quality of vapor i.e. smoothness, temperature, and taste. The top-rated portable vaporizers have been listed in each of the categories below.

Category Vaporizer Price Shop Vaporizer
Most Portable PAX 3 Vaporizer $259.99 Shop PAX 3
Most Compact DaVinci IQ $309.00 Shop DaVinci IQ
Best Battery Life Mighty Vaporizer $459.00 Shop Mighty
Best Desktop Vaporizer Volcano Digital $799.95 Shop Volcano
Best Overall Vaporizer G Pen Elite $174.99 Shop G Pen Elite
Best Mid-Range Vaporizer PAX 2 Vaporizer $199.00 Shop PAX 2
Best Overall Portable Vaporizer Crafty Vaporizer $369.95 Shop Crafty
Best Value Vaporizer G Pro Vaporizer $114.95 Shop G Pro Vape
Best Vapor Quality Firefly 2 $427.95 Shop Firefly 2
Best Upgraded Vaporizer Arizer Air II $274.99 Shop Arizer Air II
Best Fan Favorite Arizer Solo II $289.99 Shop Arizer Solo 2
Best Aesthetic Vaporizer Puffco Pro 2 $94.95 Shop Puffco Pro 2
Best Vaporizer Under $300 Grasshopper $279.95 Shop Grasshopper
Best Vape Pen Under $200 KandyPens Gravity $124.95 Shop Gravity
Best Pen Vaporizer Under $80 Dr. Dabber Light Kit $64.95 Shop Dr. Dabber
Best Value Pipe Genius Pipe $114.95 Shop Genius Pipe
Best Cheap Vaporizer Black Mamba $69.99 Shop Black Mamba

Most Portable Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Weight, Concealment and Discreetness

Pax Vaporizer - PAX 3

PAX 3 Vaporizer - $259.99

The Pax 3 features numerous changes internally compared to the Pax 2 while still maintaining the same size and adding just 3 grams to the overall weight. Upgrades include being able to vape dry herbs as well as concentrates courtesy of the new concentrate insert.

The Pax 3 uses a 3500mAh battery, which is a slight upgrade from the 3000mAh battery found on the Pax 2. The Pax 3’s pre-heat times range between 15 and 20 seconds compared to the 45 seconds for the Pax 2.

The Pax 3 Vapor App gives you complete control over the range of temperatures from 360F to 420F with options for choosing different heating profiles, locking the device, changing the color themes, dimming the LED, or even locking the device completely.

In terms of appliances, Pax Labs has made changes to the outer shell by replacing the brushed aluminum found on the Pax 2 with a polished finish on the Pax 3, pax pen. The shiny surface holds up incredibly well but is more susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. That being said it still provides the same pax vape experience.

The concentrate insert is something users love, but chances are it won’t be replacing anybody’s e-nail or dab rig, as other products on the market can fulfil these specific needs more effectively. It extracts the materials incredibly well without leaving a big mess but it doesn’t get close to being as hot as traditional methods.

You can expect an average of 100 minutes of use on a single charge and it takes about 100 minutes to fully charge a dead Pax 3.

The Pax 3 is as good as it can probably get when it comes to a portable dry herb vaporizer if you consider durability, portability, battery life, and the overall ease of use. The newly introduced Half-Pack lid is an excellent feature for single person sessions. No longer do you have to buy third party accessories in an attempt at maximizing efficiency. The concentrate insert also provides an excellent option for using other materials besides dry herb.

The company offers a great selections of pax accessories as well that you can check out.

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Most Compact Vaporizer

Based on: Easiest dry herb vape to pocket and conceal

Weed Vaporizer - Davinci IQ

DaVinci IQ - $309.00

The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 113 reviews on this site and that kind of says it all. It's amazing. The Davinci IQ Vaporizer is one of the better tasting portable dry herb conduction vaporizers.

At higher temperatures, it tastes much better and it holds taste throughout the session for much longer than the vast majority of vaporizers on the market. It has an amazing vapor density and is capable of producing smooth tasty hits at lower temperatures.

The IQ has a 10-year warranty, replaceable battery, ceramic zirconia mouthpieces/vapor path as well as very innovative/smart software with the App that comes with it.

Pax 3 Vs. Davinci IQ Size:

You will definitely fall in love with the Davinci IQ. It is an incredibly easy to pocket vaporizer that you can completely palm for ultimate discretion (if that's what you're into). Even the new Pax 3 still sticks out the top of the hand slightly. If you are looking for an incredibly compact portable vaporizer then the Davinci IQ is your best bet.

Davinci IQ Pros & Cons:

The Davinci IQ offers a full range of temperatures that range from 250F to 430F through the “Precision Mode”. It also has a feature referred to as “Smart Paths”. A total of 4 different smart paths running from 350 to 430F are available in increments of 20-degrees and each of the paths is set to run for a session of 10 minutes. The default smart paths 1 and 2 provide the best ratio of taste to vapor production.

The downside to the Davinci IQ is the time taken to charge the battery from its completely depleted state.You are lookingat about 4 hours if you wish to charge a dead battery completely. So, it is important to buy a few extra batteries and always keep them charged in your downtime or put it on charge overnight like your phone.

The Nitecore> i2 charging dock is also worth investing in if you wish to take the charging time down to 2.5 hours and want to charge 2 batteries simultaneously. You can expect anywhere between 50 and 80 minutes out of every fully charged battery depending on the number of individual sessions, the length of the sessions, and the temperatures you are vaping at.

Davinci IQ App Info:

It is worth noting that the app isn’t necessary to operate the device. It is still possible to select smart paths, precision mode, boost mode, and even dim the LEDs. However, it is not possible customize the smart paths without using the app. Many of our users have stated that it is one of the best vaporizer apps they have ever used.

All the smart paths are completely customizable down to the session length and temperature. You can also take screenshots and share paths easily with your friends. The app is incredibly fluid and doesn’t have any bugs or issues with connecting to the device.

Consistent, Compact, and Innovative are the 3 words that can best be used to describe the Davinci IQ, if you have the money this one is really a winner.

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Best Battery Life

Based on: Best average battery life per full charge

Best Battery Life - The Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty - $459.00

The Mighty Vaporizer is the larger version of the Crafty Vaporizer (discussed below), both from Storz and Bickel. While it is not the smallest of vaporizers it is packed with pretty impressive features, and deserves the title, mighty vape.

For starters, the Mighty currently offers the best battery life on the market for a full charge. You can only charge the unit via DC but the battery easily lasts a full day of biking/hiking or enjoying a concert outdoors.

You can expect an average of between 6 and 8 hours of vaping on one full charge and the unit fully charges in about 90 minutes. Which is pretty mighty in itself.The Mighty comes with an on vape, easy to use temperature buttons found on both sides, and an easy to read LED display. The full temperature spectrum ranges between 105F and 410F.

The Mighty might be a bit large for normal person sized pockets, but the additional weight and size make it very easy to pass around in group sessions, if you're into that kind of thing. This is great since the Mighty is the ideal vaporizer for extended sessions, out in the woods or at music festivals. It works great if you have time to sit down and enjoy a group session between 10 and 15 minutes of vaping time.

The Mighty can easily be regarded as the best dry herb vaporizer, particularly if size is not an issue.

Mighty Pros & Cons:

The Mighty is overall one of the easiest vaporizers you will ever use. It is durable, reliable, and produces great vapor. The only major cons associated with the device are the weight, overall size, as well as the options for charging the battery. If necessary, you can pocket it but it can get quite bulky in your jeans. It fits much better in your backpack, hoodie, or purse.

Lastly, you can only charge the battery via an AC wall outlet. If you want something a bit more portable with more charging options, check out the Crafty. Alternatively, you can check out the Pax 3 as a great option that offers excellent battery life.

Best Battery Life is determined by the best portable vaporizers that offer the best average battery life per complete charge.

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Best Desktop Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Weight, Build Quality, Best Vapor

Volcano Vaporizer Digitial Best Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer Digital with Easy Valve Set - $799.95

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer is similar in look and feel to Volcano Classic Vaporizer, which is known as one of the most well-respected and technologically advanced dry herb desktop vaporizers that is possibly available on the global market. The Volcano Digit Vaporizer builds on the success of the classic with the same sleek cone structure.

The unique technology is excellent at expelling toxins and other harmful byproducts of combustion like tars and other carcinogens. The vaporizing process intensifies the effects of the dry herb released through the desktop vaporizer by approximately 75 percent.

Hand-crafted in Germany the Volcano Digital Vaporizer comes with an easily viewed and fully customized digital temperature LED display system. This is really accessible as it allows for immediate and precise desired and actual operating temperatures. On the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, the temperature can range between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit. After considering the temperature accuracy provided through the precision advanced electronic air temperature control and also the built-in air filtration system, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer is without doubt the premiere choice for the true connoisseur. The initial heating time for this, 'best desktop vaporizer' is a slim 3 minutes, which is awesome.

When developing the Easy Valve, Storz and Bickel took the customers preferences and requirements into consideration. The Easy Valve represents ease of handling and minimal maintenance work. No longer is it necessary to attach a new balloon to the valve once the vaporizing is complete. The Easy Valve is a ready to use valve balloon unit which comes with a mouthpiece attached. The Easy Valve is replaceable, so once it can no longer be used, simply replace it with a new one. Included in the starter set are 5 Easy Valve balloons and the relevant filling chamber. The Easy Valve filling chamber can be cleaned and then re-used.

The other valve included with this product is the Solid Valve which is the standard valve for the Volcano products. The Solid Valve has sold in the tens of thousands worldwide. The Solid Valve set allows for great customization as it is sold along with 3 meters of balloon material which allows the user to choose individual balloon size. The Solid Valve is the long term and money efficient option here, as the balloon material can be bought for a reasonable price.

It is a very simple and easy process to replace the balloon. It should be replaced after cleaning the valve set and at regular intervals, usually its 50-100 balloon fills by the time you need to replace the balloon. Do NOT attempt to use and plastic bags or cling wrap as you risk your health and a myriad of mishaps in the home.

This really is the best desktop vaporizer on the market because the volcano's Digital display makes vaping so much easier. The display shows the current temperature and also the estimated warm up time. You can actually dial in your precise desired temperature, which we think is a really cool feature.

While this Volcano Digit Vape may not be the desktop vaporizer for everyone, maybe because you want something smaller or your pocket isn't deep enough for this exclusive piece of kit, there's no doubt that the Volcano Digit really is King Pin and looks set to rule the roost for the foreseeable future.

The Volcano Vaporizer has a large heating area within which your favorite dry herb gets heated at a really consistent rate of burn, making your vapor very high quality and the taste is excellent. The temperature control on the front screen is so easy to use, meaning you can experiment with superb precision between larger clouds or deeper flavors. After a few minutes the vaporizer is ready to go and you're flying!

The Digit Volcano vape still comes in the classic conical shape, with brushed metal and steel encompassing the heater and air pump discreetly. It basically looks like Doc Brown invented it for your mind to travel through time, it's that cool!

It's easily cleaned, the Volcano can be wiped down quickly with soapy water or alcohol to remove any marks. Some of our customers tell us that they still have their Classic Volcanoes from the 2000s which is totally understandable because they are incredibly durable desktop vaporizers.

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Best Overall Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Weight, Price, Material Quality, Vapor Quality

G pen elite, gpen elite

G Pen Elite Vaporizer - $174.99

This portable dry herb conduction vaporizer has the biggest all-ceramic heating chamber on the vaporizer market.

Elite really is the buzz word with this g pen vaporizer because the innovative 360 heating element delivers a fast and even conduction vaporization over all of your favorite dry herb.

The temperature control is very easy to use, the G Pen Elite vape even lets you program your desired temperature with a range between 200 - 428F (93 - 220C). It achieves the temperature you are after in under 30 seconds, awesome!

This contemporary and ingenious technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with an unrivaled performance, taste, and effects almost guaranteed! And the year warranty is actually guaranteed.

Load up the ceramic chamber with your ground blends mixture of your favorite dry herb (the capacity of the chamber is ~0.75g). Press the front panel button 5 times to power on the device (press again 5 times to turn off). The temperature of the vape can be adjusted using buttons located along the side of the vaporizer. Press the front panel button down for one second, release, and wait. Draw from the vaporizer. Enjoy. By the way, the charge time for the battery is 3 hours and gives a 1-2 hour vaping experience.

G Pen Elite Pros and Cons:

The G Pen Elite comes with a fully equipped LED display for setting vaping temperature and making charging much easier and accessible. The temperature setting is fully adjustable. There's a great heat up time, the G Pen Elite can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 20-30 seconds and it's small, discreet and highly portable. The only real con is that the vapor quality gets a little worse as the herb cools or sits in the chamber for an extended period of time.

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Best Mid-Range Vaporizer

Based on: Size, Price, Overall Quality

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Pax 2 Vaporizer - $199.00

The PAX 2 Vaporizer has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 180 reviews on our website, clearly people are more than happy with their purchase.

Once the Pax 3 Kits were released, the Pax 2 received a price reduction from $199 to $149. The Pax 2 is currently the top recommended portable vaporizer below $150 on a range of websites reviewing vaporizers.

So you might be asking yourself why you would bother with the Pax 2 vaporizer when the Pax 3 vape is out there. The answer is simple, the price.

You can now get the Pax 2 for less than $150 dollars, which makes it one of the best budget vapes on the market. If you want something that will last a while, treats your herb well but doesn't break the bank, this is definitely the model for you. You’ll struggle to find better quality at this price.

Apart from this amazing price, all of the normal bonuses of owning a Pax 2 vape are right there. It’s still an amazing portable model with an incredibly convenient method of conduction heating behind it. The build quality is fantastic and it remains comfortable to hold while still being small enough to slip into your pocket or bag. What’s more, with this reduced price you can take the money you’re saving and buy some accessories to really open up the vaping experience like oils and half chambers. Better vaping through cheaper prices; that’s what the Pax 2 vape means right now.

If you have a Pax 2 and don’t currently have the Pax 3 vaporizer and would like to upgrade, you should consider going straight for the Pax 3. The improved battery life, faster pre-heat time, access to the app via Bluetooth, and the concentrate insert make the $100 price difference definitely worth it.

The glossy finish is only thing that you will not get with the Pax 3 Basic Kit. However, you might prefer the matte finish, which would mean that the lack of a glossy finish would not be such a big deal to you. The great thing about the matte finish is that it does not show scratches or fingerprints easily.

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Best Overall Portable Vaporizer

Based on: User Experience, Vapor Quality, Size, Weight

The Crafty Vape Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer - $369.95

The Craft