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Boundless CF Vaporizer

Boundless CF Vaporizer has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 37 reviews.
Save 31% Picture of Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer

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Boundless CF Vaporizer - Now Available in Canada

We cannot be happier to be sharing the Boundless CF with the Canadian vaporizer scene! The CF is one of the best vapes available on the market, with a powerful battery and smooth vapor making this a doubly attractive piece! Ideal for people who have never vaped before and people who have been vaping for years, it is simple to use and utterly customizable to make your session yours. Rarely does a company make such an effort to keep the consumer in mind, and you can really feel it with the CF! Explore a world of next level vaping, thanks to features created with you in mind.

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is top-of-the-line when it comes to high-powered portable vaporizers. With its large herbal chamber and rapid heating element (about 20 seconds), the Boundless CF Vaporizer has incredible performance. New features include stealth mode that allows the Boundless CF Vaporizer to be heated without the luminosity of the LED lights and memory function so your Boundless CF Vaporizer will store the previous temperature used and will automatically heat to that temperature the next time it is turned on. Enjoy over 10 full cycles per full charge with the Boundless CF Vaporizer internal lithium battery and a smooth airflow that fully isolates the air path without the byproducts of combustion smoke. When it comes down to having a high-quality vaporizer, the CF is one of the top tier premium vaporizers.

Technical Information - Boundless CF Vaporizer Canada

Vaporizes Herbs and concentrates
Storage capacity 0.30 grams
Preconfigured temperature levels 5 levels (180 ° C to 215 ° C)
Initial heating 20 seconds
Heating system Hybrid (convection and conduction)
Heating chamber material Ceramic, stainless steel
External coating material Stainless steel
Battery capacity 50 minutes. Equivalent to 10 - 15 sessions
Battery functions Battery saving mode and battery level
Compatibility with chargers USB connector
Compatibility with smartphone applications No
Other functions Memory - records and repeats the last used temperature
Approximate dimensions (W x H x D) 10 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm
Approximate weight 226 grams
Warranty 03 years for the vaporizer and 01 for the battery

Boundless CF Vape Canada - Heating and Temperature

Boundless CF is top of the line among portable vaporizers when it comes to high performance, quality and power. With a spacious herb compartment and fast warm-up time (approximately 20 seconds), Boundless CF is synonymous with performance and quality. Among its new features, the big news and differentials are: the energy-saving mode, which allows the Boundless CF to be used without the LED lights on, simply press the power button (power on/off) for 03 seconds; and the memory function, which records the last used temperature setting and automatically repeats it in the next use. A full charge of the battery allows the user to enjoy his vaporizer for more than 10 sessions, thanks to internal lithium batteries and the airflow that separates the impurities caused by the combustion.

This vaporizer has a combination of convection and conduction heating systems. Heating is done through a ceramic component, which produces a pleasurable experience. The high quality of Boundless CF allows you to savor its satisfying steam production. Boundless CF has a temperature control with 05 heating levels, increasing by approximately 15 ° C between each level. The initial temperature is 180 ° C and the maximum reaches approximately 215 ° C. It is recommended that the session be started at the minimum temperature and regulated throughout the vaporization until the ideal temperature is reached. 

Boundless CF Vape Canada - Design

If the CFX is just a budget Mighty, the the CF is a budget Crafty, and by that I mean it's about two thirds the size but still carries all of the charm. It's a portable, matte black box that has a reasonable amount of stealth to it and could easily fit into your pocket. The top mouthpiece twists off to reveal a large capacity oven that can be converted to vape dry herbs or concentrates. The heating element there is ceramic while the chamber itself is of stainless steel.

One thing the CF did have to drop in order to slim down however was the option for an LCD screen, but with a cleverly placed LED display and 5 pre-set temperature settings, you'll hopefully never even notice. These LED's can be set to reveal the battery and then back to the temperature again at a few clicks of a button.

Boundless CF Vape Canada - Features

One of the best aspects of the CF Vaporizer is its ease of use. There is practically no learning curve when you pick up a Boundless CF Vape, it's super simplistic to pack the chamber and ultra-accessible for all users in Canada regardless of their prior vaping experience. The mouthpiece has to be twisted around in order to be used and ensures a smooth draw while also providing a stylish aspect. The Boundless CF Vaporizer is an ideal choice for first-time Vape users and experienced pros alike, combine this with an extremely competitive price point and you've got yourself one of the potential breakout Vapes for the foreseeable future. With a rapiid-heat up time as well as both stealth functions to keep your vape a secret throughout the day as well as memory functions to always remember your ideal temperature setting, you really can't go wrong with the Boundless CF.

Included with Boundless CF Vaporizer Canada:

  • 1 x Boundless CF Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable (Plug not included)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Wax/Concentrate Pod
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

Note: Standard Canadian USB cable included for charging.The Mains adaptor for the USB cable supplied will be in the standard of the Vaporizer Manufacturers Country.

What we enjoy about the Boundless CF Canada:

  • Excellent vapor quality & production through fully isolated air path
  • 5 preset temperature level – 355F, 370F, 385F 400F, 415F
  • Ensure no combustion with Airflow-System (CAS) technology
  • Excellent build quality, compact and rugged design
  • Constructed from medical and food graded high-quality material
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